From the Back Cover:

Journey to Sunshine Mountain is the story of a traditional couple who, with their three young children, became caught up in the social politics of poverty and racism, the counterculture movement and spiritual awakening of the sixties and early seventies.

Their unique and audacious journey began when the couple married in Dallas. As their life unfolded, they lived in Princeton, Switzerland, Africa, New York City, inner city Detroit, and finally rural California.

Journey to Sunshine Mountain is more, much more, than a memoir. It provides thoughtful and penetrating glimpses from their wanderings in Europe and community development work in the newly independent nation of Kenya to a more in depth involvement in the social, political, and counterculture storm that tore through America.

It is the story about how these events changed and shaped their lives and brought them to their homestead on Sunshine Mountain.


Book Cover

Quotes from Journey to Sunshine Mountain

“We tried in the early days of our marriage to live like young married people did in the 50s; but there was something missing−not only a desire for adventure, but for a deeper meaning to life.”

“We have always chosen pioneering over settling, thinking over blind acceptance, love over anger and violence, and possibilities over pessimism.”


Pete and Cindy

Pete and Cindy